Aqua Lung Essential Package

$1,199.00 plus tax

The Aqua Lung Essential package includes everything the recreational diver needs.

Aqua Lung Pro HD SCUBA BCD

A vest style weight integrated BCD featuring flat stainless steel d rings, octo pocket, adjustable waistband, trim pockets, and much more.

Aqua Lung Titan SCUBA Regulator

A balanced diaphragm regulator with 2 high pressure ports and 4 low pressure ports. The Titan is EAN 40 compatible right out of the box.

Aqua Lung ABS Octo

Low profile safe second with a unique 120┬░ angle between the hose and mouthpiece. Ideal for sharing air with your buddy.

Aqua Lung 2 Gauge Diving Console

Featuring an easy to navigate user interface, Nitrox capability to 50%, water activation, 50 hours of profile and logbook memory, and much more. This computer provides all the information a recreational diver would need.