Extreme Equipment Package

Aqua Lung Essential PackageHigh


$1725 plus tax

Ready to go ALL THE WAY? Price includes your Full Class, plus all the gear you will need to take on the world.


The Aqua Lung Essential package includes everything the recreational diver needs.

Aqua Lung Pro HD SCUBA BCD

A vest style weight integrated BCD featuring flat stainless steel d rings, octo pocket, adjustable waistband, trim pockets, and much more.

Aqua Lung Titan SCUBA Regulator

A balanced diaphragm regulator with 2 high pressure ports and 4 low pressure ports. The Titan is EAN 40 compatible right out of the box.

Aqua Lung ABS Octo

Low profile safe second with a unique 120° angle between the hose and mouthpiece. Ideal for sharing air with your buddy.

Aqua Lung 2 Gauge Diving Console

Featuring an easy to navigate user interface, Nitrox capability to 50%, water activation, 50 hours of profile and logbook memory, and much more. This computer provides all the information a recreational diver would need.

Comes with Extreme personal equipment package featuring Sling Shot Fins and twin lens mask, upgraded snorkel, and no weight belt needed, you are now weight integrated!

On top of all that we give you Deep Sea boots and a Neo Sport 3/2 wetsuit!

Everything you will need to look the part, while we teach you to dive like a pro!

No additional discounts apply