We have a few options for trips coming up.

  • Al has put together his exotic trip to the Philippines in November 2021. After Covid hit and postponed our original trip, we are attempting to rebook what we can. This is a store sponsored trip which includes most everything you will need in one of the most remote areas you can visit. They are headed to the coral triangle, one of the most bio diverse areas anywhere in the world. A 14 day trip will send you to TWO luxurious resorts,  with waterfalls, white sand beaches, and the most amazing Scuba diving imaginable. Call the store for details and to sign up.

Ben has put together two separate trips:

  • The first is headed to the Maldives. This is a divers dream spending 7 days on the Aggressor Liveaboard.  The Maldives is a divers paradise and is a must for anyone looking to have fun without breaking the bank.  THIS TRIP IS FILLING FAST SO THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW.
  • Our trip to RAJA AMPAT trip is at the heart of the coral triangle. This is the number one destination for diving anywhere in the world. Contact Ben for more details
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